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Santa Barbara

2006 January


Composed and Edited by:

Maria Michelle Viren


Someone walks into our path. We notice him.

Someone evil walks into our path, doing something evil to us.

We recognize him.

Someone evil walks into our path and we recognize him by the evil deed he has done to us.

We no longer wish to recognize him.

Maria M. Viren

……And now, a thought from Meg:

Death and disaster. Violence that knows no meaning or end. Sorrow. The crashing of glass. The threats that mean something. The quest for an end. Millions of souls crying out in anguish. While others simply stand aside. Who was that man who decided that fate was in his hands? The death of millions. A star on the chest. Who was the man who decided it was best, for this to happen? The diary -- pages spilled out – of a girl who believed – without a doubt – that this was wrong. Physically, she died. She was only fifteen. What was the reason? What was the point? Concentration camps – places where people were interred and trapped. Forced to stay in a place where they had no freedom. A visit to Hell. The fear of being killed. By gas or by the ovens. Who was that man? What gave him such power? What did he believe? That faith was wrong? That love was wrong? That truth was wrong? For he killed others for what they believed. Do not be deceived. He must have had no love for mercy. And a disinclination to trust. He must have had nothing of his own – and his soul was rolled into dust.

Margaret Elaine Elgin

I am paving the way. Come with me,

Maria M. Viren